Jose Dymenstein – Casa de Vinos

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In an era where most bottle shops are outlets of the big chains, it’s always a delight to come across a small independent store that stocks interesting wines from small producers. So naturally, we were quite chuffed when Casa de Vinos opened in Bay Street, Port Melbourne. What’s even better is when the staff are passionate [...]

Scarf Community

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Ordinarily, we bring you a single Foodhands story. And this is how this story started: an idea to tell you all about Hannah Colman, half the brains behind a quiet little not-for-profit social enterprise called Scarf. We wanted to share her story – of being a hospitality professional with a big heart, and a big idea [...]

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Ibu Mujie

It might be obvious that we have a soft spot for Indonesia – we’ve featured stories from the archipelago a number of times and don’t intend stopping any time soon. We love Indonesia. One of our favourite local warungs can be found in the bustling tourist area of Legian in Bali and even though we generaly [...]

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foodhands moment – sorting coffee in Sumatra

A coffee plantation worker hand sorts coffee cherries that she has been pulping. Takengon, Sumatra – Indonesia. This photo comes from our editor Emily who recently went to Sumatra to learn more about this spectacular coffee.  Read more about her trip HERE.

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Karen Ho

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The Japanese have it right – we eat with all our senses. The presentation of food: from the arrangement on the plate to the actual serving ware; makes a big difference to the way we consume and appreciate a meal.  When we visited Padre earlier this year for a coffee the experience of drinking a [...]

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Friday Foodhands Moment – Balinese Galungan

Preparing the pig in ceremonial costume for Balinese Galungan. Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

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